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Upgrading from Gravity Press 2.X to 3.X


The following is a general overview of the process of upgrading your site from using Gravity Press 2.X to 3.X (Basic and Pro). It includes weighing the pros and cons of upgrading, the pitfalls that can happen if you do so without some reconfiguration of your site, and some vital steps to ensure that the upgrade goes smoothly after the upgrade.

Important Notes

One thing that’s not covered is the actual plugin update however. To update the plugin from your 2.X version to our latest version:

  1. Go into your WordPress Plugins page (in WP Admin), deactivate Gravity Press 2.X, delete Gravity Press 2.X, then Upload and activate Gravity Press 3.X.
  2. Go into your Gravity Forms registration form(s) you used to register new users using Gravity Press 2.X, and recreate the Gravity Press feeds for each form.
  3. Go through the entire Gravity Press 3.X setup videos (Basic or Pro) to make sure everything is set up and configured as directed (much of it may already be on your site, but please double-check each step)

Updated on December 22, 2020

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