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Insert Testimonials into Pages and Posts

Method 2: Insert Testimonial Using Shortcode (for Classic Editor)

Video Overview

Step-by-Step Tutorial

  • Using the Classic Editor, simply go to your post/page or create a new post/page and click on the Insert Testimonial button.
  • A Handsome Testimonial Shortcode Generator box will pop up; this will allow you to style your testimonials.
Handsome Testimonial Shortcode Generator
  • Once you are satisfied with your design, you may proceed with clicking on the Generate Code button at the bottom left side of the testimonial designer and it will automatically insert the code in your post.
Sample shortcode generated with Handsome Testimonials
  • You’ll see the testimonial with the style you have designed once you preview or publish your post/page.
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Updated on September 3, 2020

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