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Using the Testimonial Submission Form

PRO Version Only 

Paste the following shortcode anywhere in a post or page with the appropriate id: [handsometestimonial_form]

To further customize your testimonial to your liking adding the following shortcode arguments into the code:

Shortcode Options: Required Fields

  • require_image=”” – (yes/no) Require testifier image (Default: no)
  • require_position=”” – (yes/no) Require testifier’s position or title (Default: no)
  • require_url=”” – (yes/no) Require Website URL (Default: no)
  • require_rating=”” – (yes/no) Require star ratings (Default: no)
  • hide_image=”” – (yes/no) Hide image field (Default: no)
  • hide_position=”” – (yes/no) Hide title field (Default: no)
  • hide_url=”” – (yes/no) Hide Website URL field (Default: no)
  • hide_rating=”” – (yes/no) Hide star ratings field (Default: no)

Shortcode Options: Customizing Form Text

  • form_title=”” – Change form title (default: Leave a Testimonial)
  • testifier=”” – Change placeholder (ghosttext) text for ‘Name’
  • position=”” – Change placeholder (ghosttext) text for ‘Title’
  • url=”” – Change placeholder (ghosttext) text for ‘Website’
  • rating=”” – Change placeholder (ghosttext) text for ‘Select Rating’
  • short_test=”” – Change placeholder (ghosttext) text for ‘Testimonial’
  • button_text=”” – Change text for ‘Submit Testimonial’ button
  • response_text=”” – Change text for ‘Thank you for your submission!’ button

Example: [handsometestimonial_form form_title=”Send Us Feedback” hide_rating=”yes”]

Updated on June 10, 2020

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