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Gravity Press 3.x Setup for Free memberships

Make sure that both Gravity Forms and MemberPress are properly installed. You can only use our plugin, Gravity Press, to integrate these two once they are successfully installed.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to successfully set up Gravity Press 3 for free memberships.

IMPORTANT: For free memberships, you need to add an offline payment method under your MemberPress Payment settings.

This can be done simply by going to MemberPress > Settings > Payments tab.

  1. Create your registration/signup form.

The important fields that need to be added in a simple registration Gravity form are the ff:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Product – Below are instructions on how to properly set your Product label.
    • Add the Product field and then change it from Single Product to Radio Button or Drop Down.

    • Rename the Product field label if you want to.
    • Check the box for show values so that it would show both the value and the price of the choices.

    • Then, proceed with clicking on the Bulk Add/Predefined Choices – this would allow you to have access to the MemberPress levels you have already set up as well as their specific ID.
    • After clicking on the Bulk Add button, a new box will pop up, scroll down to MemberPress and select the memberships you’d want to add to your form. Drag your cursor all over those MemberPress levels and click on Insert Choices.

  • Lastly, make sure that the price for your FREE membership is set to 0. Please also make sure that the value is the slug of the membership level

If you only want to add your customer to only one free membership, you may want to consider hiding the product field. That way, your client do not have to select anything from your product field. Before hiding it, make sure that the free membership is selected by default.

Setting Up Your Feeds

  • Set up your Gravity Press feed. To do this, go to your Form Settings and select Gravity Press.
  • Add a new feed. Make sure to select the name of the product field label you have set up earlier. To avoid user registration errors, please also make sure the no. in Feed name matches the no. in MemberPress Level Field.

IMPORTANT: Starting with Gravity Press 3.2.1 version, you need to check the box for “Enable Offline Payment” – doing so, will add your clients to your WordPress site but you will have to manually approve their membership too.

  • Save your feed.
  • Proceed with creating a new “User Registration” feed to register your new users.
  • Choose Create User if you want to register the form submitter to your site.
  • Save your registration feed.
  • Lastly, DO NOT set up a payment feed. No payment feeds should be set up in your form. (If you currently have an inactive payment feed, make sure to completely delete it.)
Updated on January 3, 2021

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