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Cannot Add New User to Membership Level After Form Setup

Here are a few possible reasons on why you are unable to register your new user to their selected MemberPress level after form setup:

  • You’re Logged In as a Site Administrator – If you’re setting up a new user registration, you need to first make sure you’re testing this in a different browser (or incognito browser window) so to make sure that you’re not logged into your site as an existing user.
  • Gravity Press (/Wishlist/PMP) Feed Doesn’t Exist or Misconfigured – To use Gravity Press (/Wishlist/PMP) to integrate Gravity Forms and your membership plugin, make sure that you set up a Gravity Press (/Wishlist/PMP) feed in your form settings. Check this documentation or the videos on this docs to learn more about setting up your feeds correctly.
  • Membership Level Field(s) number doesn’t match Gravity Press (/Wishlist/PMP) feed name number – It is important to make sure that your feed name matches the membership level field on your feed settings.
  • Gravity Forms product field does not contain membership level IDs in the values – Make sure to add the correct membership level ID (from your membership plugin) in your form’s Product Field.
Value is the MemberPress level ID
Note: Gravity Press currently supports the use of membership level names as well
Updated on December 22, 2020

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