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Gravity PMP – Basic Setup

Gravity PMP allows you to use Gravity Forms for Paid Memberships Pro checkout and registration.

Here’s a simple guide on how to set it up:

All settings for Gravity PMP are in the WordPress admin.  In the left column look for Forms, and under there, Settings → Gravity PMP.

It is important to note that you need to install Gravity Forms and Paid Memberships Pro first before you can successfully use our plugin, Gravity PMP, in integrating these two.

After activation of the three plugins mentioned, you can now proceed with creating a new integration between your Gravity Forms checkout form and Paid Memberships Pro using the standard Gravity Forms Add-On feed method.

Gravity Forms + Paid Memberships Pro Integration with Gravity PMP

Creating the Form

  • To begin, simply create a form (checkout or signup form) with Gravity Forms. To do this, click the Form link in the left column of the WordPress admin and then click on New Form.
  • Fill out the Form title and Form description (optional) and proceed with creating a new form. In this sample, we will be doing a Signup Form.

  • Proceed with adding the necessary fields to your form. A simple check out form would usually include the ff fields:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Product
    • Total
    • Credit Card (optional, depending on your payment method)

To use Gravity PMP, we can either use two fields: Drop Down or Radio Button. These are the two recommended options that we would suggest.

  • In this example however, we will be using the Product field and we’ll transform it to a Radio Button.

  • Rename the Product field label.

  • Check the box for show values so that it would show both the value and the price of the choices.

  • Then, proceed with clicking on the Bulk Add/Predefined Choices – this would allow you to have access to the Paid Memberships Pro levels you have already set up as well as their specific ID.
  • After clicking on the Bulk Add button, a new box will pop up, scroll down to Gravity PMP and select the memberships you’d want to add to your form. Drag your cursor all over those Paid Memberships Pro levels and click on Insert Choices.
  • It will automatically reflect the Paid Memberships Pro level IDs and their respective prices.
  • And then proceed with clicking on Update to successfully save and set up your form.

Setting up the Feeds

  • To make the form you have created work, you also need to set up the feeds. To do this, go to your Form Settings and select Gravity PMP.
  • Add a new Gravity PMP feed. Another important note, you do not have to add separate Paid Memberships Pro Field for each level you have since it’s already taken care of in the Product field you have previously created. In this example, I choose the field “Choose Level” because this was the field label of the Product field I have previously created.
The feed number for the Gravity Press feed name should match that of the Memberships Field number.
  • Click on Update Settings to save it.
  • You can verify that the new feed you have set is Active if the toggle icon is green. You can simply disable it by clicking on the same icon.
  • Then we can proceed with creating a new “User Registration” feed to register your new users. For more information on how to set up this add-on, please refer to this page.
  • Lastly, you can set up your payment settings by configuring or creating new feed for Paypal and/or Stripe. For one-time payments, you need to make sure that the transaction type on your payment feed settings is set to Products and Services.

Updated on December 7, 2020

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