• Why can’t my members cancel/upgrade/downgrade their account with Authorize.net?

    We do offer limited support for Authorize.net. Basically, while you can use Gravity Press to register WordPress users for 1-time payments without an issue, recurring/subscription payments created using Gravity Forms + Authorize.net have some limitations in that they will look and act like 1-time payments in MemberPress instead of recurring…

  • Adding Multiple Levels with Different Prices

    In this video, we discuss how to setup Gravity Press Pro (via Gravity Forms) so that you can register a new user to multiple MemberPress levels each with a different price. Learn more at: https://ristrettoapps.com/downloads/gravity-press/

  • Stripe Trial Not Working

    Issue: When a Stripe trial is configured in the Stripe feed settings, Gravity Forms + Gravity Press charged the customer immediately instead of after the trial. Discussion: Please note that Gravity Press (+ Gravity PMP, Gravity Wishlist) do not yet support trials configured in the Stripe Addon of Gravity Forms….

  • How Can I Change My Email Address?

    If you need to update your current account details such as your e-mail address or password, follow the simple steps below:

  • Can my users to donate through my WPForms registration form?

    Use case scenario: I want to use my WPForm for MemberPress membership registration but also offer an option for them to donate. Will this work with your plugin? How to add donation field? Simply add a single item, multiple item or drop down item field to your form. You can…

  • Why are my plugin settings not showing up in Gravity Forms?

    This article applies to all of our Gravity Forms integration plugins: Gravity Press, Gravity PMP, and Gravity Wishlist. Oftentimes, customers reach out to us about not seeing the plugin they have purchased under Gravity Forms settings. Usually, the reason for this is not successfully activating the membership plugin that our…

  • How to set up GDrive File Uploader for Gravity Forms

    Transfer files uploaded via Gravity Forms directly to your Google Drive account without the need for any 3rd party integrator services. This is now possible with Gravity Forms GDrive File Uploader. Video Overview Requirements: Gravity Forms Successfully installed and activated Gravity Forms GDrive File Uploader Google Drive account Once you…