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Why No Transactions for Stripe Subscriptions?

If you find that MemberPress transactions are not being created in Stripe for new MemberPress Subscriptions in Gravity Press 3.x, there are a few possible reasons that we’ll outline below:

  1. Switched Gravity Forms Stripe Settings. One possible reason is that a setting may not have been unchecked before switching from Stripe Payment Form to Stripe Credit Card Field in Gravity Forms Settings->Stripe, as show in this video.
  1. Stripe not configured. Another reason you may not be seeing subsequent transactions in MemberPress is that you have not correctly setup your Stripe settings in MemberPress’ settings. Remember, you must connect both Gravity Forms and MemberPress to Stripe (using Stripe Connect in both case) in order to ensure everything works.
  2. You may have an invalid SSL certificate. If your browser is showing any sort SSL error when on your site, such as “Insecure Connection” – this means that you have set up Stripe to use an https webhook, so when trying to communicate to your site, Stripe will send a message to the https version of your site, but if it detects an invalid SSL certificate, it may not be able to successfully communicate with your site, resulting in no transactions being created.
    This can also affect membership renewals, so if you find that your renewals suddenly stop working, it may be worth it to check that your site SSL is still valid and correctly configured.
  3. Ensure that webhooks are properly setup. Check your Stripe account and make sure that the webhook url is in this format: https://{site_url}/mepr/notify/{gateway_id}/whk. The gateway ID should must be correct. Confirm that it properly set up by simply clicking on the “Send test webhook” and then see the results if it runs successfully.
Updated on April 20, 2021

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