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How to Insert a Testimonial to a Post

Once you have installed Handsome Testimonials plugin  and uploaded the testimonial, you can easily add it to a post.

Click on “Add a New Post”


Go Ahead and name the post as the testifier. You can, then, add the testimonial through one of the two ways (listed below).

You can simply copy-paste the testimonial shortcode [testimonial_single id=”141″] (there would be a unique shortcode automatically generated for each testimonial entry you make – see how fetch this code fast).


Or, You can, click on “insert testimonial“. This action will include your fresh testimonials into a post.


You would see a screen like this:


It is so easy to manage your testimonials from now.

In the search box (top-corner), enter name of the person that you want to search for. The smart search box will show relevant results, as well. And you can either click on one of the results or type-in the full name of testifier.


Here, we are going to select testimonial by “Tara Requinto”

Once you have selected the testimonial, here’s what it will look like:


You can play with styling options/settings or use the testimonial as-is with the default style settings. When you are done with customization, simply click “Generate ShortCode” button and voila!

To look into styling details, view this tutorial post.

You can add a new testimonial once you finished with previous ones.

Updated on January 16, 2020

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