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Dear Kevin,

Thank you for getting back to me. I installed your product and everything seems to be working as planned.

It is almost exactly what I need. I am so impressed that it has the bones as they say. But as always maybe we can tweak it to fit a little better for me.

This is a link to a working test product I have staged. Ambiance utilizing WooCommerce and Gravity Form for the selection process as shown with quantity and coupon. (big20) .. It functions well and does an ok job with a smart phone however nothing on the site has been "cleaned up".

Bombay is my Ristretto test target product. As you can see on the the product Bombay, Test40 is for my information only and not necessary for our customer use. I only need a small button showing a size and price. (Example: 2.5 x 8 Ft … $299) A total of 13-14 priced small buttons that can pull from a "Form Pricing Plan Table" for a specific grouping of products will do wonders.

I do like and prefer the current drop down box as shown with product Ambiance. It functions just fine and allows the quantity to be changed where the Test S40 Bombay does not allow for a quantity change as expected.

Everything works fine as shown however re-pricing for many products will be a nightmare.

With the desire of placing over a thousand products into the bank, having "pricing plans" is a great idea. Pointing these plans in Gravity Forms with your tool will enable me to achieve quick price changes for 100 products with the update of just one "Pricing Form Plan"

If you can get this to work for me, I'll be duplicating the frame of the pricing plan and just relabeling it as well as making the price changes.

A few things I noticed with my limited test:

Quantity adjustment needed
Coupon discount works on the order page but does not migrate to the cart/ checkout
I am available to discuss it further. If you'd like a Zoom call that's Ok. 🙂


Don Urgo


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